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I am an organic homestead with dairy goats. My lamancha dairy goats are free range to graze/forage 24/7, supplement all organic alfalfa hay for increased milk production and winter feed, fresh clean water provided at all times, shelter, shade, all organic sourced gluten FREE grain mix (please ask for current mix as this changes often depending on what is available)this year was oats, flax seed, and field peas fed at milking time for increased caloric intake, herbal wormer (so you can drink the milk), all holistic practices, kelp, goat minerals, all goats are named and are called by them, show quality goats, hand-milked twice daily, no hormones, chemical wormers, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no corn, no wheat, no soy. I practice sustainable organic Permaculture, some biodynamic methods, companion planting and sustainability.

I am open to giving homestead tours and samplings. You may even come out for some chores. Yes, you can feed my goats They favor organic beet tops, apples, baby carrots bananas; they will even eat the peel. Farm tours $8.00 per person 8-14 people. or $20.00 per carload min. 3 cars.

I provide fresh milk in glass and soap, yogurt, cheeses, kefir drink/starter grains by request. First samples are free.

If you like what we are doing please leave us a comment or review. Also note that our products are highly seasonal. Do contact me to get on our waiting list and ask to join our newsletter. Our newsletter will get weekly updates of what is ripe and ready to eat.


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Angela took my daughter and I for a tour yesterday. Such a wonderful place with amazing possibilities. They just had baby goats bouncing everywhere which my daughter thoroughly enjoyed.... [more]

My daughters and I visited the farm to help with chores and feed the goats/chickens. Our family has been enjoying the farm's milk and eggs for almost two years now and we were due for a visit - why did we wait so long? The farm tour was superior! Not only did we learn more about where our food comes from, but how much work goes into the quality we are able to enjoy in our kitchen.... [more]

The products produced at the Simple Food Farm are one with the producer. Angela is passionate and dedicated about what she does. She has started off with the goats to milk products.... [more]

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