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"When the world wearies and ceases to satisfy, there is always a hot steamy shower and a good bar of soap."

Handcrafted from a . . . Simpler Thyme®

Where we take pride in the quality and purity of our handcrafted herbal soap.

There is no legal definition of the word "natural" when it comes to selling soap.

Not all soap is created equal.

Our LONG LASTING bars have a rich and creamy lather known to leave your skin soft and clean, not dry and itchy as with ordinary soap or your money back!

Quality ingredients without the use of artificial colors or synthetic fragrances is what sets us apart from the rest.

Natural to us means without the added fillers you don't need to make a good bar of soap.

Simpler Thyme® soap is traditional handmade cold processed soap with just the few simple ingredients needed to change food grade vegetable oils into soap.

We use olive, coconut and palm oils, water, and sodium hydroxide.

If you want essential oils added for scent or herbs, spices and grains for color and texture we make those bars too.

Choose from over 30 LONG LASTING varieties.

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"Premium all natural herbal soap without the premium price"


Listing last updated on Jul 22, 2014

got soap?™

These days everyone is making soap, but they might not be making good soap.

Making soap is like cooking, everyone has a different recipe.

Come try ours and see what properly made cold processed soap is all about!

100% money back guarantee (less shipping) if you are not happy!

3.5 oz bars are $5.00 each plus shipping

Over 30 varieties of LONG LASTING handcrafted herbal soap to choose from.

Please consider us for your truly NATURAL soap resale needs
We can offer:
Consistent, premium quality soap at a very competitive price
In stock, ready to ship inventory

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so when i saw this soap in my local plant and seed store, i could not resist buying a bar. well the scent has haunted me ever since. when i went back to the shop to pick up another bar, i found they did not have any so i asked for your online information.... [more]

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