Singing Springs Farm

Green grass pasture-fed, intensively managed (for best possible meat quality), heritage breed (Dexter) smaller beef cattle which fatten well on grass only, on our family farm. Raised humanely and sold as live animal whole or half, farm-killed humanely by local butcher, with basic butcher fees included in price of $3.50 per pound, based on hanging weight, which runs around 150-300lb. per half, and yields about 100 to 200 lb meat in your freezer.

You pick up at local butcher (between Eugene and Roseburg, near I-5), cut to your specifications, wrapped, frozen, and ready to take in your cooler to your freezer. Tender & Delicious, free of hormones or antibiotics.

Listing last updated on May 28, 2014

Green grass fed, intensively managed, heritage breed (Dexter) smaller beef cattle. Raised humanely and sold as halves, at $3.50 per pound, at about 150 to 300 lb. per hanging-wt. half. Harvested in June/July and September/October.

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