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We offer natural selections from the Sonoran Desert (Arizona and Northwestern Mexico) and the arid southwest. We sustainably wild-harvest native plant foods, primarily mesquite, prickly pear cactus, and saguaro fruit, and we use wild and heirloom grains in our baking mixes.

Our Velvet Mesquite Flours are harvested and milled in Arizona's river valleys. Our Fire Roasted Western Honey Mesquite Flour is produced by the Seri next to the Sea of Cortez in Sonora, Mexico, and is Fair Trade Certified. Our native mesquite is "whole-grain" (including the protein-rich seeds, sugar-controlling galactomannans, and sweet soluble fiber). Use mesquite flour to add earthy caramel and cinnamon tones to your baked goods and more! Try making Desert Hummus with our stone-ground tepary bean flour, another component of a gluten free diet.

Our Traditional Prickly Pear Cactus Jelly and Syrup are sweetened with organic piloncillo (unrefined cane juice). We also offer a prickly pear "Cactus Nectar" sweetened only with organic agave nectar. No added sugar makes this treat perfect for diabetics and those who prefer a lightly sweet flavor. Try our Gourmet Prickly Pear Margarita Mix! Drizzle our Prickly Pear Syrup over pancakes...our Blue Corn Pancake & Waffle Mix and our Mesquite Pancake & Waffle Mix are rich, earthy, and aluminum-free. Our Compleat Mesquite Jelly and Syrup are a taste trifecta...mesquite-smoked mesquite pods sweetened with mesquite honey!

During the warmer months, savor our Prickly Pops handmade ice pops with wild and heirloom fruit flavors. When the weather cools, enjoy our Chocurrado. Traditionally called champurrado, it is a hot chocolate atole, or a Mexican hot cocoa spiced with wild chiltepin peppers!


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Natural Selections from the Sonoran Desert

Schedule and Location:

Santa Cruz River Farmers' Market (Tucson AZ) - Thu. afternoons/eves
Oro Valley Farmers' Market (Oro Valley AZ) - Sat. mornings
St. Philip's Plaza Farmers' Market (Tucson AZ) - Sun. mornings

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We just love this syrup and the blue corn pancake mix!! I like this better than maple syrup. It is a real treat and especially makes a wonderful Christmas breakfast with the bright red syrup. JC

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