Skull Valley Lavender Farm

Skull Valley Lavender Farm is a small, locally operated, family farm in picturesque Skull Valley, Arizona. We grow organic lavender for Lavender oil production, regionally adapted plant sales, and Lavender products. We have also ventured into the world of bees and all-organic-no treatment beekeeping. Our farm also has a resident bug patrol unit made up of our heirloom breeds of chickens, consisting of Barnevelders, Marans, Welsumers, Sumatras, Cochins, and Jungle Fowl Chickens, who supply us with their beautiful eggs, which we share on occasion. Weeds are naturally removed by our small flock of Navajo Churro sheep, the oldest domesticated sheep breed in the US, and in turn they also provide us with their beautiful wool and humorous antics. Heavy work is done with the help of our draft horse and donkey. We also grow an assorted variety of hops, berries, and some small grains like sorghum and amaranth. Plant by plant, tree by tree, we are adhering to organic Permaculture way of doing things, which fits nicely into our conservation and preservation philosophy. Due to time constraints we are currently not open to the public but you can meet with us, see, smell and buy our products at the farmers market every weekend in Prescott, and Flagstaff, Arizona. Though this year has been too busy to organize ourselves around visitors, we are working on getting the place ready for the next growing season, including a small store on the premises and organize some events, such as a lavender wand making workshop, how to grow lavender classes, and bronze art in the lavender. We love to hear what you would like. Stay tuned, here and on our website for dates and information. Our farm is our home and there is only one chance for a first impression. We want you to have a wonderful experience.


Listing last updated on Mar 5, 2014

If you spend just a few minutes each day thinking about the choices you make; What you buy, what you eat, what you wear, how it was made, if it harmed the environment, if it hurt animals, if it was socially unjust? That would cause you to make small changes. If millions of people make small changes, we turn unethical products into a liability to those who profit from them. Quote by Jane Goodall

Schedule and Location:

Prescott Farmers' Market - Saturday 7:30 - noon (May - Oct)
Flagstaff Community Market - Sunday 8 - noon (May - Oct)
Prescott Winter Farmers Market - Saturday 10:00 - 2:00 (Nov - Apr)

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