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160 Acres of fescue, clover, bluegrass pasture. Cattle have 3 ponds for drinking during Spring & Summer months and city water during freezing months. We have a Spring calf and smaller Fall calf crop. 29 cows and adding 11 heifers 2010 Spring season. Cattle are amazing animals, it's really interesting watching them - especially when the herd bull is designated "babysitter" of the baby calves. Organic grown gardens, 1 - 80 x 100 another 35 x 60 and 2 much smaller for onions. We also have been ezperimenting with growing in cattle molasses tubs - learning a lot about tub growing! Best wishes and thanks for stopping by

Listing last updated on Jul 11, 2009

Registered Angus and Angus cross cattle. We sell breeding stock but also sell butchered beef as well As we Ultrasound test all animals we know 99% are normally choice and a few better. We feed a high fiber diet with no antibiotics and never implanted with hormones. These animals are very docile. Although not certified, gardens are grown without chemicals of any kind.. We use sugar, DE and Mineral Rock for pest control. Haven't seen a Tomato Hornworm in many years!

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