SkyLines Farm of Idaho

SkyLines Farm north of Moscow ID has been growing exquisite spinning wool and premium grassfed lamb using organic & sustainable methods since 1992...and in 2007 we began raising premium GRASSFED BEEF. Using time-tested management methods that respect the animals as well as the land, SkyLines Farm animals grow up happy & healthy without antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, chemical wormers, or grains. They all thrive on a pure simple diet of mom's milk and 100% grass...just the way ruminant animals are designed to live!

Our carefully managed rotational grazing program ensures the animals are dining on "salad bar fresh" green grass every day, all summer long. Research has shown that grazing animals harvested from actively growing green grass produce the best tasting, most nutritious meats. We harvest SkyLines beef in October, just as the meat reaches its peak of flavor and tenderness and before the pastures begin to retire for the winter.

SkyLines' organic & sustainable management methods have been perfected over a period of 20+ years. Our practices include - Frequent doses of nature's miracle herb garlic - Taking great care to provide excellent nutrition year-round including supplements like kelp & trace minerals - Rotation & resting of barnyards & pastures to break parasite cycles and protect plant & soil health - Running a closed herd for biosecurity...and much more.

Educated, thoughtful, caring animal husbandry practices help us keep all of the animals happy, healthy, vigorous...and drug free!

Visit the farm website for the whole SkyLines story, including hundreds of beautiful photos of our happy healthy animals living the good life at SkyLines Farm of Idaho! 

ORDER QUARTER, HALF, OR WHOLE BEEF. Reserve throughout the year, with free delivery in fall to regional meeting locations. (Sorry, no shipping.) The farm website provides full details on average weights, cutting options, 2014 prices, how to reserve, & more.

We sell out every year, well in advance of harvest, so place your reservation early!


Listing last updated on May 23, 2014

STOCK UP FOR WINTER with mmm delicious SkyLines Farm 100% grassfed beef. Our customers rave about the flavor and come back for more year after year. Visit the farm website for 20+ years of happy customer comments. We sell out every year so reserve early!

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Melissa does an excellent job of raising deliceous lamb. I had the opportunity to visit her farm, and was impressed with her sustainable management practices, the quality of her livestock, and her hard work in the avid pursuit of raising top quality lamb.... [more]

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