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The Slagel Family has been farming and raising livestock in central Illinois for generations. My name is LouisJohn Slagel, and I am the youngest generation who has decided to make a living producing food for the public. While in college, I realized if I wanted to make our relatively small sustainable farm become the only source of income for our family, we needed to do something a little different than the average farmer who simply wants to get larger and larger all the time. Our family had always raised livestock using more conventional methods, so we decided to continue the unique livestock production method and start selling our high quality meat products we were raising directly to the public.

We raise all natural hormone free beef, pork, lamb, goat, ducks, and chickens in open lots and pastures rather than confinement buildings. We also farm around 500 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, hay and pumpkins. Much of the crops produced is then used as feed for our livestock. We then use the manure from our livestock as fertilizer for our crops. In addition to raising our livestock in a more animal friendly environment, we also have continued to use more traditional reproduction and feeding methods such as using natural breeding instead of artificial insemination, and also staying away from steroids, cattle hormone implants, and so on.

We now are delivering our products to quite a few restaurants around the Chicago are. We deliver product every Wednesday to customers such as Blackbird, Custom House, Publican, Bristol, Girl & the Goat, Nightwood, and a number of other places around town. We found if we were able to offer good, fresh products with excellent customer service to back it up; there would be an ever-growing demand for our products.

Just recently we built a new barn on our farm to hold Farm Tours/Dinners. We feel like by offering the public the chance to come down and visit the farm and share a farm dinner, we will really be able to educate a lot of people about how livestock is raised and what life on the farm is really like. Guests will see a variety of livestock and learn about the old fashioned production practices the Slagel�??¯ï¿½??¿ï¿½??½??¯?¿?½?�??¢?¯?¿?½?�??¯?¯?¿?½?�??¿?¯?¿?½?�??½??¯?¿?½?�??¯?¯?¿?½?�??¿?¯?¿?½?�??½?s use to produce their farm fresh meat products. Following the farm tour a dinner will be served family style in the new barn right next to the livestock pastures. The Chefs from the restaurants we supply to have agreed to take turns coming down to our farm to cook a dinner for our guests. This is a great outing for you and your family!

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