Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats is the marketing arm of the Slanker Ranch. In addition it is also a marketing outlet for numerous other livestock producers whose production methods meet SGFM's strict protocol. It serves customers in all 50 states with frozen meat products and other 100% natural foods. Products include grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, grass-fed pork, grass-fed bison, and wild ocean fish. In addition there is pastured poultry (turkey and chicken), a limited line of grass-fed and pastured dairy products, healthy cooking oils, condiments, and more. Sign up for our no-holds barred newsletter covering food, nutrition, people, ranching methods, and food scams.

Listing last updated on Nov 7, 2008

It's turkey time! Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats offers the nation's finest Pastured Heritage Turkeys. Our turkeys are 100% Heritage Breeds that have spent months on lush pastures eating grass and bugs that eat grass. There are no better Pastured Heritage Turkeys in the United States.

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My wife ordered about 20 Pounds of meat from this place including a $100 Turkey that was to be shipped and arrive frozen. They say that they ship ground in packaging that can hold your meat at temperatures below 40 degrees to keep it safe.... [more]

I understand that farms are at the mercy of nature, and often have products out of stock. This is not a problem at all, so long as I'm informed that the product is not available, and given the option to either wait until the product IS in stock, or buy from another source.... [more]

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Pastured Heritage Turkeys


Fall is upon us and it's Turkey Time at Slanker's Grass-Fed Meats.  In addition, we offer beef, pork, lamb, goat, and bison -- all 100% grass-fed.  Also we have a variety of pastured poultry products and even Wild Ocean Caught Alaskan seafood.... [more]

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