Sleepy Hollow Lavender

Sleepy Hollow Lavender is a small family owned farm located in south eastern Washington State just 11 miles from Walla Walla. We are at the foothills of the Blue Mountains nestled among a sea of wheat fields, a year round stream, and home to many wild animals, such as deer, elk, wild turkeys, bear and cougar.

Until 2004 wheat and chick peas were alternately grown on our farm. A decision was made to make a change and it was decided that because deer do not like the taste of lavender we planted lavender. Elevation was a concern regarding which lavender variety to plant and we choose Grosso and Provence because they are both hardy and would last through the winter. Our first plantings totaled 2,000 plants. We also planted eight test rows of various lavenders to see how they would hold up. They were Munstead, Hidcote, Fred Boutin, Royal Velvet, Sachet, Grapenhall, Melissa, and Royal Purple. Out of the eight test rows the Munstead, Royal Velvet and Hidcote have done the best! We will be planting more of them soon.

Sleepy Hollow Lavender is not certified at this time however we have never used any type of chemical on our plants. Weeding is done by hand or by hoeing. Our plants are watered by drip irrigation so they can receive the most benefit with the best use of water. Harvest is done by hand and all of the bundles are hung in our 60 x 40 shop build specifically for the lavender. Our lavender buds are triple cleaned! We have developed a shucking machine that allows the person shucking the lavender to be free from the lavender dust. Then the buds are screened two more times to remove any debris and sands.

Sleepy Hollow Lavender has a line of natural soaps, lotions, creams and sprays. We also distill and press our own essential oil. As time goes by we will be adding more products. At this time we also have bundles, buds, sachets, wands, wreaths, and P/U Shoe Stuffers available.


Listing last updated on Jul 13, 2011

The scent of Lavender has long been associated with sweethearts and their ardor, and its effect on the libido, it turns out, is not merely wishful thinking. A scientific study by a Chicago research foundation revealed that the most arousing of all fragrances tested on its male subjects was, surprisingly, neither musk nor rose but a combination of the scents of lavender and pumpkin.

Schedule and Location:

Dixie Farmers' Market
Located at Lost Arts on Hwy 12 and Actor St.
Dixie, Washington 99329

Open Saturdays noon to 5:00pm
Also open by appointment.

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I have had the opportunity to not only try out some of the Sleepy Hollow Lavender company's products, but to also visit the farm.

Im quite impressed with not only the products, but the amazing people selling and personally growing them!!

This company is way more than just flowers, they have products that you would not even dream of coming from or being made with Lavender.... [more]

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