Sleepy Valley Farm

We are a small farm in rural Pelham, North Carolina. Our goal is to help increase the population and awareness of the heritage breeed turkey Royal Palm. Royal Palms are small as far as turkeys go and work great as a one meal bird. They are very juicy and tasty - you can't find a better turkey. Except during mating season, our birds graze on pasture and get wholesome feed along with some treats. We use no growth hormones or chemicals and the only time we use antibiotics is if one of our birds get sick (luckily to date none of them have). We have three pair of Royal Palms that are pets. They talk to me constantly and eat break out of my hand. They also just love popcorn! When a car pulls in, they go running to it in hopes of a bread or popcorn treat -needless to say they have frightened a few people but are really very loveable. All of our turkeys get to roam so have plenty of fresh air and sunshine. We have recently obtained our license to be a hatchery and will be selling poults in the spring and adults in the fall. We are a very small farm and for now supplies will be very limited until we are able to build our flock.


Listing last updated on Jan 15, 2007

Fresh heritage Royal Palm turkeys and poults.

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