Slice of Heaven Gardens

We are a very small two acre farm which includes our personal home and yard and follow sustainable organic practices. 2008 was our first year and 2010 brought a much larger variety of fruits and vegetables that lasted well into the winter months. We currently specialize in Heirloom Tomatoes with many different varieties from clusters of cherry sized up to 2 pounders as well as heritage breeds of Asian cucumbers, Italian and Spanish peppers and Italian summer squash. Eggs produced daily by our happy, singing chickens, which are supplemented with flax seed for Omega 3 enhanced eggs, are collected three times a day for optimal freshness.

This is our fourth year developing our farm and we are very much in a process of working to form it to our needs while respecting the land and all that it has to offer. Last spring we added 30 fruit trees to our original orchard of 14 trees along with numerous ornamental trees and shrubs. We have strived to plant ornamentals that will be attractive to wildlife as nurturing nature and the environment is as important as nuturing our customers with the wholesome food we grow. Additionally, we added our first honeybee hive which we found fascinating to watch and sweet with Bee Haven Honey collected in the fall. We hope to increase our hives to a total of four so that we will be able to sell some of our surplus in 2012.

In the midst of major housing developments (they throw out seed and the houses grow!), our little farm is pie shaped and surrounded by native trees and vegitation, much like an oasis in a desert of housing, we consider our farm a little "Slice of Heaven".


Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2012

Rhubarb is available starting March and may be available throughout the summer. June 2009 through 2011 brought a consistant healthy crop of tart pie cherries. Eggs are available year-round and although many of our girls are currently molting, our 2011 chicks are grown and laying taking up any slack produced by the older girls. Please call ahead for pricing, availability and to schedule a pick-up.

Season:  March through December

Type:  single farm

Since:  2008

# of Shares:  6

Full Share:  Spring/Summer $25.00/week with an - 8 week minimumFall/Winter $20.00/week with a 4 week minimum

1/2 Share:  Spring/Summer #15.00/week with an 8 week minimum - Fall/Winter $12.00/week with a 4 week minimum

Work Req?  No

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