Sloans Creek Farm

Our family farm is located on 210 acres in Northeast Texas at the northern edge of the rolling Blackland Prairie. Our family has been involved in agriculture in Texas for over 125 years within 5 miles of our current farm. We are trying to carry on a dying tradition. We have gone from a typical, conventional Angus beef cattle and horse farm to where we are today.

Currently, we are striving to be a Non-Certified Organic, Sustainable, Grass-based Family Farm with a focus on quality grassfed and pastured meats from heritage breeds of livestock. One of our farm goals is to prove that a family farm can be economically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly while raising Red Poll, Irish Dexter, and Murray Grey Cattle, Myotonic Meat Goats, St. Croix Hair Sheep, and Red Wattle hogs. All of these livestock breeds (except the Murray Greys) are listed under the Rare category of the Conservation Priority List compiled by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC). These breeds need conservation and using them for their production is the best way to go about this.

We see many benefits in the ways we've changed our farm. We think that most family farms will have to switch to organic and sustainable methods and direct marketing to stay in business and carry on the tradition and values that family farms in America have been known for, for well over 2 centuries.

Currently we sell registered heritage breed breeding stock, native tallgrass mix hay, and meats. In particular Non-Certified Organic, Sustainable, Grass-only Beef, Grass-Only lamb from St. Croix Hair Sheep, and Grass-Only chevon from Myotonic Goat produced strictly on forage, and pastured pork from Red Wattle hogs. Our grassfed meats are generally lean, healthy for you (Grassfed meats tend to be lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than grainfed meats. Grassfed meats also tend to be higher in beta-carotene, vitamin E, conjucated linoleic acid (cla), and Omega-3 fatty acids than grainfed meats.) tender, and tasty. See for more information.

We also work with other small grass-only farms in our area by purchasing young animals from them, finishing them on our farm, and marketing the meat. We have a very high standard for how the animals are raised before and after they come to our farm and make sure that any producers we work with live up to those standards.

We sell our meat products by the cut (meaning you can buy one package of ground beef or one steak if you so choose) at our on farm store as well as at the Four Seasons Farmers Market in Garland, TX, the McKinney Farmers Market on Sundays in McKinney, TX, the Frisco Farmers Market in Frisco, TX, the Sulphur Springs Farmers Market in Sulphur Springs, TX, and through the CrossTimbers Food Coop in Denton, TX. You can also purchase our raw meats at Green Market in Sherman, TX, or our meats deliciously prepared and ready to eat at Good 2 Go Tacos in the Greenspot Market in Dallas, TX, or at Bin 303 in Rockwall, TX.

Please look at our website for more information as well as our price list. Our meats can be purchase by the wholes, halves, or quarters if you are interested in a large amount of meat and a discount price, please contact us by phone or e-mail for more info.

We Promote Heritage Livestock Thru Good Eating!!


Listing last updated on Feb 5, 2010

Grass-fed beef, lamb, goat, and pastured pork available by the cut or in wholes, halves, and quarters.

Schedule and Location:

Four Seasons Farmers Market: Garland, TX
Saturdays year around
Frisco Farmers Market: Frisco, TX
Saturdays May through October
Sulphur Springs Farmers Market: Sulphur Springs TX
Saturdays mid March through mid October
McKinney Farmers Market: McKinney, TX
Sundays Year around

Green Market Health Food Store: Sherman,TX

Good 2 Go Tacos: Dallas, TX at the Green Spot Market
Bin 303: Rockwall TX

Schedule and Location:

Our on-farm store in Dodd City, Texas is open year around. We do not have set hours but are here almost all of the time except on Saturdays when we are at other markets. Please just give us a call and we will meet you at the farm to help you out.

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