Smithland Farm is a small family farm that has been in our family three generations, with the fourth waiting their turn to carry on the tradition. Because of the rolling topography, most of our 180 acres have remained in permanent pasture. The majority of this pasture has never seen chemical fertilizer. We have never used pasture sprays. We have continued to use the same grass based form of animal agriculture used by may father and grandfather. Because of our familiarity with this system and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the farm, we are able to work with the land instead of trying to force the land to work for us. With this in mind, the breeds of animals that live on the farm were selected because of their ability to thrive in a grazing environment. Our animals (Dairy, beef, and lamb) are never given hormones or steroids. Our wool is processed with no additional chemicals.

Listing last updated on Apr 15, 2007

grass fed lamb available now!!

North Country raw fleeces available while supplies last. Also natural colored, white, and natural dyed spinning rovings, rug rovings,and hand spun yarns available.

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Your ground beef is delicious! I cooked some up as soon as I got home and was very happy with it. Knowing that your animals are so well cared for and living on green pastures as God intended just made it all the more satisfying. Thanks for making it available to us.

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