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Operates: June-November

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Lindsay Kuhn
(585) 229-7424

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Smoke Ridge Farm ~A place where anything can happen~

Operated since 2002 as a horse farm, and in 2008 as an organic farm, Smoke Ridge Farm houses a variety of programs including a multi-commodity CSA farm, a horse rescue and riding stable, and a butterfly farm.

All of our programs are by the community, for the community.

Our main mission in life is to be as green as possible, using old fashioned horse power to get things done. Our team of halflinger draft ponies work the land, and take the place of oil guzzling equipment. Rescued several years ago, these girls now have a home where they are loved, respected, and fed organic carrots for a job well done. The farm puts on many educational and therapy programs throughout the year both at the farm and abroad at libraries, schools, recreation programs, nursing homes, and hospitals.

I want you as a Smoke Ridge Organics CSA member to have the freedom to grocery shop as much as possible at the farm, something our past members state is the greatest member perk! Our wide variety of add-on goods ensures something for everyone, and we are always willing to try new things. We have a catch phrase that we produce everything but toilet paper! This years goal is to have your goods delivered as close as possible to your home, in as green a way as possible. CSA catalogs are available at no charge, and our farm gladly accepts all major credit cards on site.

Renaissance Stable and Out of the Sky Horse Rescue are located on Smoke Ridge Farm, and serve students young and old, anyone with the desire to ride is welcome! All of our horses are rescues, taken from various situations - many with a death sentence hanging over their heads. These horses are adored by our students, brushed, braided, and exercised daily. There is nothing better than seeing a horse who could not walk three weeks ago, gallop out of the barn and acting like a horse again! We teach our students the Secure Seat Method, as outlined by the American Association for Horsemanship Safety. After the foundation is laid, lessons are taught in English and Western, Jumping, Dressage, Trail Riding, and Driving. Our Work to Ride program is available for students without the means to participate in lessons. All students are encouraged to do what works best for themselves and their families, both work and cash are equally valuable at our facility!

Butterflies bring joy to anyone who is fortunate enough to see them, and the Idlewylde Butterfly Farm raises thousands of Native Ny Butterflies every year. These beauties are released back into the wild as an environmental conservation effort, and as a way to lift people's spirits at public releases. Live butterflies are for sale to the public, for birthday parties, graduations, weddings, special occasions, and memorial services. We have educational programs on premises and off site by request on butterfly raising, tagging, and gardening.

CSA Details

Season:  June through November

Type:  multiple farm

Full Share:  $450/22 Weeks summer season $85/Month $22/Week $200/12 weeks fall season $50/Month $15/Week

1/2 Share:  $175/year or $25/month or $10/week

Work Req?  No

Our Drop Offs and Delivery Areas

Drop Off Point / Center of Delivery Area

Pick Up / Drop Off Points

Smoke Ridge Farm  (Tue Thu)
Members can pick up their shares Tuesday and Thursday from 12-8pm.

Contact: Lindsay
Phone: 585-229-7424
3804 County Road #40
Bloomfield, NY 14469