Smoked Mullet

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Smoked Mullet

Smoking mullet is a delicate task and a true Floridian rite of passage. The meat becomes smoky and buttery!

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We take fresh local black mullet from the Sebastian Inlet, that our fisherman catches, butterfly it and smoke it to perfection! Mullet is Florida's fish. We use it for bait, for food, for fertilizer and most importantly, for smoking.

Mullet are herbivores and are known for their oiliness which make it ideal for smoking. A true Floridian can appreciate the long-standing (and fading) traditions of smoking mullet.

What we do is we keep the scales and backbone on the fish (to maximize moistness), season it with creole spices and smoked it over a period of 5 hours over hickory, oak or orange wood (depending on what it available). We have our own in-house smoker and it's our fish, so everything is done by us. It has a shelf life of 7 days.

Right now, it's the perfect season to smoke mullet because they are about to roe, meaning they are at their fattest and take to smoking the best. Each mullet weights about half a pound and goes a long way.

Smoked mullet is versatile. Here are some of the ways I use it: -in salads -on bagels -in eggs -to make fish dip -in a brandade -on crackers -with cream cheese -etc.

Please enjoy!

Our shrimp is Wild-Caught off the East Coast of Florida.

Once caught, the shrimp are Individually quickly frozen, at sea, to preserve their freshness. Our shrimp are sustainable and are caught using devices that exclude other species of sea animals.

We carry different types of shrimp depending on the season. Canaveral Whites- Firm, sweet. Royal Reds - Tender, Sweetest. Browns/hoppers - Hardy, Firm. Rock- Tender, Sweet (like a lobster). Key West Pink- Neutral, Firm

We ship two-day air because our product is highly perishable.

***Please ask about Sodium Bisulfate; it is very rare that the shrimp boats we deal with use it (when they freeze product) but there have been a couple of instances with the older shrimp boats that are equipped with it. We test for it, so please ask.

We ship anywhere in the continental USA. We only ship Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays