Snake River Farm

We sell bison, beef, lamb and hogs direct to the consumer, by the1/4 and 1/2. We pasture raise all of our animals in a natural setting. Bison, beef and lambs are grass fed only. Our bison and beef herds are each about 50 animals, our lamb flock less than 20 and we raise about 100 hogs each year. No unnecesary medications or antibiotics. The Snake River created a unique landscape of native prairie, oak savanna, wooded lowlands, wet meadows and tamarack swamp. We seasonally rotate the herds through open and wooded pastures as is best for the animals and the land. Meat animals are humanely harvested and then processed in a state inspected facility. We tame mustang horses that we adopt from the BLM as yearlings. We train all our horses to ride, to drive and for farm work. Miles of trails, a one-room schoolhouse, farm museum and wildlife. We welcome visits and tours especially educational groups but by appointment only, as this is a working family farm.

Listing last updated on Mar 5, 2013

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We love getting our bison from Tom. He gives us great service, the meat is always just right, and they treat the animals the way nature intends them to be treated.... [more]

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