Snow peas / Oregon Sugar pod/ Naturally grown

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Snow peas / Oregon Sugar pod/ Naturally grown

An early edible-podded flat snow pea with a 24-28" vine that produces continuous yields of large, broad pods.

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Cool weather is essential for grown peas. When temperatures are high, blossoms do not set and pods dry up or fail to fill unless the roots are kept cool by a heavy mulch of organic matter. In the South and in the warm parts of California, gardeners should grow their peas during fall, winter and early-spring months.

To encourage rapid germination, soak the seed overnight. This will soften the seed coat and cause tiny sprouts to appear.

Do not plant peas on low-lying spots where drainage is poor. If you are having trouble with damping-off, you may be planting your peas too deeply.

Green peas should be harvested when they are young and tender. If left to hand on the vines too long, they become starchy and hard.

Edible- pod peas are also called snow peas and sugar peas. They are eaten pod and all and can be used raw in salads, steamed or stir-fried with Chinese foods.

References: The Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening.

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