We grow pumpkins, sunflowers heads for bird feed, and cultivate wild fruits such as Maypops(Passionfruits), wild blackberries and dew berries, wild strawberries, wild black walnuts. Our products available through each persons Facebook page is: Rose hip and teas, natural dyes, handmade soaps, rare floral essential oils, wild blackberry root cuttings. We supply restaurants, companies and individuals. We will post what has come in and teh current price . Thjis will change on a weekly basis due to market and crop availability. we also produce limited runs, jams, preserves and we ahve our own recipe book with our ribbon winning recipes.

Listing last updated on Feb 26, 2012

We are totally at the mercy of the weather. This year we are revamping the farm and will have limited amounts of wild apples from apples trees that ahve been here since the farm began. we willa lso be working wiht solid perfumes form flowers grown. Our recipe book will be out June 23rd!

Schedule and Location:

Hwy 11E new market TN

Schedule and Location:

Indian Cave road at Mcghee Road New MArket TN

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