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Our goal is to bring milk to the market in as close to its natural state as possible. We seek to provide milk the way it used to be. The milk is sold at a reasonable price making it available to as many as possible. We strive to make delicious milk that consumers do not have reservations about drinking. Snowville Creamery is designed to minimize the impact of dairy processing on the environment. Our business strives to be an active member of our community. We have been helped tremendously by our supportive community and, therefore, feel the need to give back to them with donations of time and resources. We pay a premium to our dairy farmers in recognition of the higher value of grass based milk. We strive to pay a living wage to our employees and to treat them with respect and dignity. We view our relationship with our farmers and employees as a partnership. We support transparency and truthfulness. If a farmer treats their land, animals, and employees with respect, they have no fear of public scrutiny. So, love your food, love each other.


Listing last updated on Aug 24, 2011

Grass grazed, fresh, & minimally processed milk from southeastern Ohio.

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Snowville Creamery milk come from grass-fed cows who are raised completely on pasture. The protein and fat content and composition of this milk is thus very different from the milk you get from confinement dairies.... [more]

Why would I say that --- well you need to taste real milk for a change! Warren and Victoria and all their staff bring great passion to their operation.... [more]

I used to think I was lactose intolerant. It turns out I was just "Bad Dairy Product" intolerant.

I have a friend who had moved to Indianapolis for a year or two.... [more]

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