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Sojourn Farms is a family farm owned and operated by Milan and Emilie Young. Milan and Emilie married in 2007 with the dream of creating a viable farm on their 100 acres in the Illinois Valley of southern Oregon.

Currently, Sojourn Farms is raising organic, pastured poultry. We raise traditional White Cornish X birds, but we slow-grow them by limiting their feed intake, allowing the birds over 50% more time (than conventional, "store-bought" chicken) to physically develop. We believe in healthy, happy chickens that can be real chickens, scratching and pecking and pulling worms. They are fed organic feed and whole grains, and have plenty of room to exercise or relax in the Oregon sunshine. We also raise a limited number of Bourbon Red turkeys as special-order Thanksgiving birds. The Bourbon Red is one of the oldest heritage turkey varieties in America, and consistently wins taste-test results.

We believe that every animal's quality of life is important, and especially if an animal is being raised for food, healthy animals make healthy food for humans. Because we believe in happy poultry, we are committed to processing them as humanely as possible. Butchering happens on site, eliminating transportation stress. The birds are humanely knocked unconscious with a specially developed electric pulse immediately before slaughter.


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Located in the Illinois Valley of southern Oregon, Sojourn Farms is a small family farm raising organic, pastured poultry. We believe our food should be organically fed, ethically raised and humanely processed. We slow grow our birds, allowing them over 50% more time (than conventionally-raised chicken) to physically develop. The chickens are moved daily to fresh pasture, and fed quality organic feed and soaked, whole organic grains.

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