Solid Chocolate Hearts / Roses

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Solid Chocolate Hearts / Roses

Hand dipped, made with local ingredients. Available in a box of 12 or 20 .

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 12 dark chocolateRoses $14.99  Qty:
 12Milk chocolate Roses $13.99  Qty:
 Dark Choc.hearts / 20 $11.25  Qty:
 Milk Choc.Hearts / 20 $9.99  Qty:

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Chocolate truffles are elegant confection, rich, creamy and smooth. Classic truffles are generally made in a round shape about in an inch in diameter. They enriched with localy made butter and heavy cream.

Centers surrounded by tempered chocolate, cocoa powder, sugar, coconut or nuts. Our truffles are usually in two bites and will melt in your mouth.

They are great with coffee, tea or with your favorite wine. You can store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container (avoid to pick any flavors) and use aluminum foil to wrap container.

Truffles are all about the flavor of chocolate. They taste best at room temperature. We use extra dark and rich chocolate (99%), bittersweet (56%), milk chocolate (31.5%) and white chocolate.

All our chocolate are hand crafted. We use only the best high quality chocolate and local made butter and heavy cream.

White Russian Truffles made of dark chocolate ganache with White Russian Vodka.

Valentines present : Box of 20 dark or milk chocolate hearts wrapped in a colored foil.

We are always using locally grown high quality ingredients from local Farm or Farmers market.

Our Bakery is inspected by the FDA every year.

Thank you for supporting Wisconsin producers.

We carefully select our produce varieties for excellent taste and quality. Our produce is grown without pesticides or herbicides resulting in highly nutritious food and healthy soil.