Solis-Helge Farm

Solis-Helge farm is a 40 acre farm with pasture land and wooded areas. Currently we have a flock of 35 brown egg laying Buff Orpingtons and several green egg laying Americanas. Although we have not yet gone through the organic certification process our chickens are fed only organic, non-medicated feed. When it is warm enough they free range and in the winter they live in a roomy area in the long barn. We sell eggs by the dozen and hens for the backyard flock. Our eggs are $5 a dozen. This price reflects the quality of the eggs and the rising price of grain. Rabbit is available from a state inspected plant for twenty five dollars a rabbit. Our rabbits are grass fed and pasture raised. A small number of French Angora rabbits are available for purchase as pets. Several colors of humanely harvested angora wool are available for five dollars an ounce. Rabbit manure is available for gardeners. Rabbit manure is the only live stock manure that can be spread "hot" on a garden without being composted beforehand. Many gardener's refer to rabbit manure as "bunny gold" because of its benefits in the garden.


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