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We are a family run operation of naturally raised, grass-fed lamb and wool. We raise purebreed Romney sheep on our pasture where our family has been for over 30 years; now on the second generation. We do not use hormones or anti-biotics and the sheep are never fed grain products. Other than pasture the sheep are raised with organic alfalfa pellets to maintain wool cleanliness and kelp; a rich nutrient source. We sell lambs whole or half, live or processed as well as "odds and ends." Flock maintenance is based on a strict keep and cull routine for sheep we want to keep for breeding and we utilize what we know works best for health such as garlic and diatomaceous earth. Come by for a tour, call with questions or recipe suggestions, and pick up some wonderful lamb that is naturally low fat, high in protein and iron, zinc, and B vitamins and since it is grassfed very high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)! We look forward to being your family farmer.

Listing last updated on May 13, 2008

Grass-fed lamb and wool. All natural with no hormones, antibiotics, or grain products. Family owned, family run in its second generation. Come by for a tour and pick up a great product and some great suggestions on how to cook and serve! We look forward to helping you serve a wonderful meal as many others have enjoyed at their homes and wonderful restaurants like Cafe Sol in Merced. Let us be your family farmer!

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