South Brook Farm

Our farm offers pasture raised lamb, eggs from a free-ranging flock and vegetables at farmers market or farm pick-up. We combine natural farming techniques with our animals and gardens which gives us healthy results unaided by the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Our Sheep

Our goal was to choose a breed of sheep that could be raised as naturally as possible. We decided to raise Katahdin sheep. Katahdins are considered hair sheep which require no shearing. They were developed in Maine for their excellent lean meat qualities, resistance to parasites and good mothering abilities. Our flock is pasture raised with a small amount of grain as a food supplement. We've just purchased 3 fully organic foundation ewes to begin our Katahdin flock and look forward to following in the footstep of the breeder we've purchased them from. The lamb that is currently being sold at farmers market is Southdowns or Katahdin crosses.

Our hens

Our flock mainly consists of the heritage New Hampshire breed for their dual purpose qualities. They range on a half acre of grass with access to a shelter. They are excellent layers and yet carry good meat qualities for a natural bird. Our goal is to have a flock that is reproducing in a natural setting as the hens are encouraged to hatch out and raise their young. We will be offering hatching eggs and baby chicks next spring. This year we've decided to add a new breed to the farm. With the purchase of French Wheaton Marans we hope to add some fun and interest in the egg colors that we be available for purchase early this winter.

Our vegetable gardens incorporate the use of farm created compost and companion planting, reducing the need for any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We grow some heirloom varieties of plants in order to retain some of the seeds for the following growing year.


Listing last updated on Oct 18, 2010

Schedule and Location:

Newmarket Farmers Market at the Stone Church
Saturday 9:00-1:00
Rye Farmers Market at the center of Rye
Wednesday 2:30-5:30

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