Southern Heirloom Garden Seed Collection

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Southern Heirloom  Garden Seed Collection

Take advantage of your long growing season and strong sunlight! Our top 12 choices for a perfect Southern vegetable garden ~

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 GaRattlesnakeW'melon $2.75  Qty:
 Old-Time Tenn. Melon $2.75  Qty:
 Stone Mtn Watermelon $2.75  Qty:
 Black-eyed Peas $2.50  Qty:
 Burgundy Okra $2.50  Qty:
 Butter Beans $2.50  Qty:
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 Country Gentleman Corn$2.50

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As a transplant to southern Indiana, how I miss the long, sunny growing seasons where I grew up in Georgia! I still grow a lot of the traditional favorites we ate when I was a child.

Here are our top picks for the essential Southern garden. Also, take full advantage of that intense sunshine and harness it to grow the sweetest melons!

  • Black-eyed Peas
  • Bull Nose Bell Pepper
  • Burgundy Okra
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Collard Greens
  • Silver Queen White Corn
  • Laurentian Rutabaga
  • Lemon Cucumber
  • Three gorgeous tomatoes: Mortgage Lifter, Black Cherry, Oxheart
  • Yellow Crookneck Squash

  • If you have room for melons, you might want to add the Old-Time Tennessee canteloupe, and Georgia Rattlesnake watermelon.

    Our garden seeds, yarns, and nuts make perfect gifts in synergy with our shared goals of environmental protection, sustainability, and food security.

    Consider our wide range of heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds as holiday gifts this year ~ grow your own and promote genetic diversity!

    We are a chemical-free, no-kill farm.