Southern Oaks Jersey Farm & Creamery

Southern Oaks Jersey Farm is a small, all-Jersey dairy farm located in rural Abbeville County. We have been in business for over 20 years. Our Jersey cows are never treated using hormones or steroids. We are in milk business and raising cows who produce quality milk is our #1 priority!

While we have been producing milk for years, Southern Oaks Jersey Farm has recently been permitted to bottle and sell Grade-A, Farm Fresh, Raw Milk for human consumption to farm markets, various grocery stores, and private families in search of the goodness of real, natural milk.

We built a creamery and began selling raw milk to consumers in Abbeville and its surrounding areas in January 2011. When the raw milk business took off after only a few months, customers began to inquire about the possibility of turning our quality milk into a pasteurized product. After months of planning and preparing, we are happy to inform you that Grade A, Whole Pasteurized milk is now available, along with Chocolate milk and Buttermilk!!

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Listing last updated on Mar 12, 2013

Southern Oaks Jersey Farm is a family owned and opereated, all-Jersey dairy farm producing quality, Grade A, Farm Fresh, Raw Milk, as well as Whole, Pasteurized Milk, Whole Cultured Buttermilk and Whole, Chocolate milk for consumers in and around Abbeville, Greenwood, and Anderson counties in Upstate South Carolina.

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I am a big fan of raw/cold pasteurized milk and Mark Wiley has got it figured out. My whole family loves his milk and all of his other products. Once you've had "real milk" you just can't go back to that stuff they sell at the grocery store.

I am so glad we can get healthier raw milk from the Wiley's. So many people are denied this healthier alternative. I am lactose intolerant but I can drink this because it hasnt been pasturized. The ice cream was the bomb!

This is the best raw milk I have had. I highly recommend buying milk from Southern Oaks Jersey Farm. Penny Parisi Parisi Farms

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