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Situated in southern Arizona's Sonoran Desert is Southwest Bee Supply and Three Points Bee Removal located in Tucson, Arizona. We are located at the corner of South 6th Avenue and 19th Street, just north of 22nd Street on the western side of Tucson.

We are known for our all natural, pure, 100 percent Arizona Mesquite Honey and Desert Wildflower Honey produced in southern Pima County, Arizona. To date, we have approximately 30 honeybee colonies located on rural Sonoran Desert properties in the vicinity of Three Points, Arizona. Southwest Bee Supply also makes and sells beeswax candles, handmade milled soaps, honeycomb, creamed honey, chunk honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, honeystix, and beekeeping supplies, as well as soap and candle making supplies.

Our Arizona Mesquite Honey and Desert Wildflower Honey is 100 percent pure honey. Never heated and only lightly strained to remove bits of wax and the occasional honey-coated honeybee. Our honey is available for purchase in either plastic or glass containers.

We also sell farm fresh chicken eggs produced from our 70 free range chickens at our home located in rural Three Points, Arizona. We sell white eggs, brown eggs, and green eggs.

Southwest Bee Supply was formally owned by beekeeper and candlemaker Jim Hawk. Jim passed away in November 2007 due to extended illness, passing the business to beekeeper, honey producer, and good friend Roy Wilson. Jim was a good friend to many folks and well known in the Tucson beekeeping community. Jim will be missed by many.

We also respond to honeybee swarm and colony removal calls. Unlike pest control companies in the Tucson area, WE DO NOT KILL HONEYBEES. All honeybee colonies we remove from buildings are safely captured and taken to one of our remote apiaries (bee yards). Any Africanized honeybee colonies we remove are requeened to produce a more gentle honeybee. We will also give you some of the honeycomb we remove for you to enjoy with your family. We are also cheaper than what most exterminators charge to kill the honeybees on your property. If you have any unwanted bees, give us a call. We will provide the honeybees a good home away from people, pets, and livestock.


Listing last updated on Feb 11, 2011

Try our all natural Arizona Mesquite Honey on your batch of hot biscuts for breakfast.

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I am very pleased with the honey they sell. I usually buy from them at the Jesse Owens farmer's market on Fridays. I have tried their phone number (520-882-7522) and it is "non-working". Hope that changes!

I bought a big jar at the Jesse Owens farmers market a few weeks ago and we just love it! Will be coming back for more when it runs out. Thanks!

I just bought a jar of honey from Southwest Bee Supply at the Rincon Farmers Market yesterday and have to say it's the best Ive ever had. So much so, that I was inspired to look up the website.... [more]

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