Southwest Scorpion Salsa

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Southwest Scorpion Salsa

An extreme super hot salsa made with a blend of our Trinidad and Morouga Scorpion chili peppers.

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This is an extreme full flavored super hot salsa made with our fresh tomatoes and a blend of our Trinidad and Morouga Scorpion chili peppers, some of the hottest chili peppers on earth. You need only a very small amount to feel the heat.

There is an old fable about a scorpion and a frog. The frog agrees to carry the scorpion across a river despite his instinctive fears and because of the camouflaged behavior of the seemingly reasonable scorpion. After the smooth ride across the river the scorpion reveals his true colors and does indeed sting the frog, pointing out that he was just following his natural behavior. The moral of the story is that the sting of the scorpion is inevitable and cannot be avoided, no matter how mild its initial demeanor may seem.

Products made with Trinidad and Morouga Scorpion chilis are just the same. Your first bite might be uneventful, but the sting is guaranteed to arrive and will come in the form of a searing heat that is only relieved with the passing of time.

So beware, because the nature of this chili is irrepressible, it will get you (at both ends!), and it will be hot. We are not responsible for the use, misuse or abuse of these hot chili pepper products. They are not for the novice salsa or jelly eater and they are never for children. Read our disclaimer at

Ingredients: Fresh picked tomatoes, onions, Scorpion chili peppers, sugar, salt, garlic, vinegar, spices.

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