The Spanish Five (thats our brand) ranch has been in business since 1947. My grandpa Mark Trask bought the place we now operate in 1965. We raise commercial beef cows, hay and alfalfa. Pat and RoseMary Trask (my folks) have 12 children. The Spanish Five cow herd is mostly commercial Angus, with a few reds and whites. We sell beef by the quarter, half or whole beef, boxed and delivered locally. Our cows live outside where the Good Lord intended cows to live. In the winter we feed hay when necessary. The cows also get protein and mineral supplements when needed. They have never been treated with artificial hormones. Prior to harvesting, they are hand-fed grain in small bunches in a large lot near our house. All of our meet is processed and inspected at Phillip Meats in Phillip, SD.

Listing last updated on Mar 30, 2006

Boxed Beef- $4/lb- quarter (appr. 175lbs= appr. $700) $3.95/lb-half (appr. 350lbs= appr. $1382.50) $3.90/lb-whole (appr. 700lbs= appr. $2730) *Prices do not include tax* A quarter is- appr. 50lbs ground beef 2 chuck roasts 2 arm roasts 4 packs rib steak 4 packs T-bone steak 3 packs sirloin 1 rump roast 1 sirloin tip roast 4 packs swiss steak 2 packs stew meat half x 2, whole x 4

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