Spanish Lime

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Spanish Lime

The Spanish Lime is not actually a lime - but it is tart like one. Prepare to pucker up.

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We will be shipping this fruit overnight shipping due to high perishibility and the cost of this item has increased from past years sorry but we have too many issues with other means of shipping.The Spanish lime is known as Ginups are very big with my Cuban friends. We sell these like crazy on the street corners in Miami. After a hot steamy day in the sun why not cool off with something limeonizing such as the Spanish Lime. Tart but refreshing a taste that will surely make you want to hang by the pool and just relax in the sun. Also known as Mamon and Mamocillno to my Spanish followers.

Available in August.

Due to the unusually hot summer, shipping highly perishable fruit is more tricky than usual Some fruit is arriving over-ripe. If you have an issue with your order, please call me. I pack every box myself, and want you to be happy with your fruit!

Fresh Gardens are growers and shippers of rare tropical fruits. Many items you may have never heard of, and that is what makes them so exciting. Most have been brought from South and central America and Asia. Although well known in those areas very few know of them here in the United States. That's my job as a grower of these items: to excite and get you into trying these exotic tropical fruit for the first time!

There are only a few areas in the United states these are grown and The Redland which is a 100 year plus historic agricultural growing region is one. We are south of Miami in Homestead just before you enter the Keys. You are invited to visit our farm for free as a tropical fruit of the month customer. We grow for you!!

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