Spearmint Handcrafted Lye Soap

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Spearmint Handcrafted Lye Soap

Spearmint....a fresh mint. Essential oil of Spearmint imparts a delightful scent to this soap.

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Are you looking for soaps made with sustainably sourced ingredients? All of our soaps contain a blend of tallow from our own beef or lamb (we render it ourselves!), combined with coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, shea butter to make a hard, long lasting, bubbly soap.

Our soaps offered here on LocalHarvest contain only the finest essential oils available. Never artificial synthetic fragrance oils.

Our Spearmint soap is scented with spearmint essential oil extracted from the leaves of the mentha spicata plant. Unlike peppermint oil, the oil of spearmint contains minimal amounts of menthol and menthone. Spearmint is not quite as brisk as peppermint. This soap is naturally colored with a swirl of chlorella powder.

If you'd like an UNSCENTED SOAP, please see our listing for Simply Soap.

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