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We are a small family farm that raises heritage Midget white turkeys, and Navajo Churro sheep. Teas and herbs are also available seasonally. We offer shearings, rovings, grass fed USDA inspected lamb from a scrapie and OOP free flock. Dairy type rams and ewes are some times available for sale. We also cater to weavers who would like a wether or two around simply for the wool.Our sheep are tame and easy to handle. In the fall we offer farm raised heritage turkey to local customers. Lamb can be shipped across state lines our poultry can not. We also offer farm fresh, free range organic eggs.

Although there have been no chemicals on the farm since 1992 and we work closely with our vet, we have not requested any type of certification. Our location and minimal numbers of livestock simply don't make this a realistic option for us. Our land has been chemical free for over 20yrs. We feed non GMO grains, and our animals live in a natural pastured environment. Everything you need for Organic certification, however the 600 a year just for the land, ( that doesn't' count the sheep and poultry) we simply don't find practical. We do welcome visitors that would like to insure the meat, eggs and products they go home with are up to the highest standard. Farm tours available upon request.


Listing last updated on Nov 16, 2012

Navajo Churro sheep, Heritage Turkey, Wool and fiber products, grass fed lamb. Farm tours welcomed.

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As fall fades away into winter there is allot to do here on the farm. Oak leaves cover the plants naturally, so they are well bedded down for their winters sleep. The sheep with their wool coats on still need to have their shelters checked.... [more]

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