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I have been using herbs all my adult life. My knowledge has come from experimentation and research as well as from a Native American who taught me much of what I know.

I started using herbs in my late teens because I was always so sick with respiratory illnesses as a child and had spent so much time in hospitals and taking medication, and still I was not well. I would catch anything going around. I never felt well and was always so afraid of catching something.

One day, I met an older person, who was of American Indian decent, and he introduced me to the wonderful, healing, world of herbs. It was just amazing how small, delicate looking, wild flowers could do so much in healing, and take away fevers, stop bleeding, stop colds and flu from getting worse, bring down one�s blood pressure, even help with diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart problems. There was so much to learn and herbs are a wonderful world to learn in!

I have been growing and harvesting, as well as learning, more about herbs for the past 30 years. And, am one of the thousands of small scale farmers using sustainable gardening methods. My herbs are grown with high quality standards with absolutely no pesticides or herbicides used and are also non-hybrid- non GMO.

All the herbs that I grow are hand harvested, with no machinery involved, and, extra care is taken with the harvesting and drying all of the herbs. I put a lot of work into the growing, harvesting, drying and storing of my herbs.

I guarantee all of my products. Your satisfaction is important to me! Your positive reviews help other people to find good, safe herbs as well. If there is ever a problem with your order PLEASE email me first.

I hope you LOVE my herbs as much as I do!

Please make sure that the name and address that the items are being sent to is correct.

Getting your order in early in the day before 1 pm assures that your order will go out that day, as I have quite a few orders each day to mail out.


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Bayberry Essential Oil
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All Bugs Repellant
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I just received my order yesterday and I was very surprised and pleased with how fast it was shipped! Also the care she took to package and label everything.... [more]

I recently ordered a bag of her dried roses and they are AWESOME!! I highly recommend her and will continue to buy from her!

Just started with this tea that Elaynn suggested. It is very nice tasting with out any sweeting. Haven't been using it long but I do love the taste. I can get 3 cups from one bag so am hoping to see some relief in the near future.... [more]

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