We built our off the grid, solar powered home and established our farm and business on 70 acres, part of which is beautiful forest with Spirit Creek running through and the remaining was farmed over 20 years ago and is now being brought back to cultivation, consisting of vegetables, fruits and poultry. We live and work here with our 3 children and other companions, dogs, cats, chickens and the wild life who skirts the forests border or trots through the fields at dusk and dawn, coyotes, deer, bears, wild turkeys, fox, rabbit and so on Spirit Creek Farm is committed to local, sustainable, organic farming. Nearly all of our ingredients * in our fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kim chi) are from organic growers in the upper-Midwest; primarily northern Wisconsin region. Lacto-Fermentation is an ancient process of enhancement and preservation. The integrity and nutritional value of the vegetables are held intact whereas the use of vinegar and pasteurization compromises and even negates nutritional value. Spirit Creek Farm lacto-fermented vegetables are produced in small batches so each batch can be slightly different. Your lacto-fermented product will continue to ferment and change as it ages. This product contains lacto-bacilli, which is a pro-biotic that aids digestion, we recommend beginning every meal with fermented foods. Wisconsin's South Shore of Lake Superior and the Bayfield Peninsula are heavily populated by active orchards, many abandoned orchards, and wild apple trees. All the apples used to make our applesauce are from organic orchards or wildcrafted apple trees. Our baked goods are all made using, organic or chemical free ingredients, the eggs come from our own chickens. We focus on baking a variety of gluten free creations to provide sweets for those who can not have gluten so all can enjoy fresh tasty treats. We also grow a small variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers which we sell seasonally at the local farmers market. Overall, our pledge to you is to produce healthy, safe and chemical free product. *(except ginger, salt, pepper, lemon juice)


Listing last updated on Sep 30, 2008

Local Organic Lacto-Fermented Green Sauerkraut, Purple Sauerkraut and Kim Chi, better your digestion and overall health by eating fermented foods daily! Gluten Free Sweet Baked Good available during Farmer's Market Season.

Schedule and Location:

Periodically you can find us at these markets:
Cornucopia, WI, Thursdays 3-6pm
Ashland, WI, Saturdays 8am-12pm
Bayfield, WI, Saturdays 8:30am-12pm

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