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Thank you for visiting our farm. We are a small alpaca breeder who started back in 2006 simply for the love of animals and fiber.

Currently, we are located on a 5 acre "community" farm smack-dab in the middle of Steilacoom, Wa. Steilacoom is a cozy little waterfront community steeped in tradition and early Washington history where kids can still ride their bikes to the store or school. "Our" little farm has been owned by the same family for the past 4 generations and is one of only 2 farms left in town. The family who owns the land is ecstatic to have livestock back on the land. They constantly tell us how happy they are to have someone in town working the land and farming it once again. Bringing the alpacas "into town" has been an amazing event for both us and this community. Children and adults who have never even seen a live cow have had the opportunity to see and learn about alpacas and ranching again. Many of them had no idea what alpacas were. In the beginning the animals were referred to around Town as llamas....these days, kids and grownups alike know they are alpacas and I am simply "the crazy alpaca lady" who lives in town.

We have taken our time to sell and breed...why? Because we wanted to enjoy those first few years and really learn our animals. We do not show at the big events but we have several animals that have been shown in the past. Many of them have in fact done very well in the ring. Will we show? Maybe someday. For now, we just enjoy having, caring for and loving them.

When we first started out, I was pestering breeders for their luscious bags of fleece. (Mind you, that was back in the day when I had heaps of time on my hands and could spend a whole weekend spinning fleece if I wanted!) Now we have bags and bags of raw shorn fiber for sale in tons of different colors. If you are looking for fiber to spin, let us know! There is nothing better than buying directly from the farmer and actually seeing the animal your fleece came from!


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