Spotted Bee Balm - Wildflower seeds

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Spotted Bee Balm - Wildflower seeds

Originating from the southern and Eastern US, this unusual monarda can grow to 4 feet tall with inch long yellow blooms...

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Spotted Bee Balm (Monarda Punctata). Yellow Dotted Mint.

The aerial parts are strongly aromatic with a spicy fragrance. Makes a nice addition to tea blends and the dried seed heads can be used in arrangements.

Hardy perennial, which is very attractive to beneficial insects, bees and butterflies. Easy to grow and thrives in good garden soil. Prefers full to part sun. Hardy to zone 7.

Ethnobotanic: Dotted horsemint was used by the Meskwaki to treat colds and catarrh in a mixture with the leaves of Ranunculus delphinifolius and the disk florets of Helenium autumnale.

This plant, along with other plants were ground into a powder and snuffed up the nostrils to relieve a sick headache.

Taken with the roots of Asarum canadense, Euphorbia corollata, and Brauneria angustifolia these plants relieved stomach cramps. The Delaware washed patients' faces with an infusion of dotted horsemint to treat skin problems.

They also used an infusion of dotted horsemint to reduce fevers. The Mohegan made an infusion of the plant to reduce fevers as well.

The Nanticoke used an infusion of the entire plant to treat colds. The Navajo hung the plant in the hogan for its pleasing odor.

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