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Spring Hill Farm is located in beautiful Beaver Valley on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State near the historic Victorian seaport of Port Townsend and the resort village of Port Ludlow. In addition to a wonderful setting, we also have the moist, cool environment so necessary to produce fleeces of softness and luster from our white and natural colored Romney sheep.

We have a large variety of sheep and wool products available. These include quality Romney breeding stock, beautiful raw handspinning fleeces, washed and carded fleeces ready for the discerning handspinner, and soft yarns in a variety of natural colors. You can also find Cozy Comforts like blankets, warm comforter batts and wonderful wool socks.

We are happy to do mail-orders and will ship to US and Canada.

Listing last updated on Jul 22, 2005

2-ply Worsted Weight Yarn This lovely yarn is available in either skeins or on cones spun to 1000 yds/lb. The skeins are washed and made up in 4 oz. units. Available colors are all natural. As you might expect, the creamy Romney white comes from our white flock, and the beautiful natural grey is from our flock of Natural Colored Romneys. The white accepts dye with all the intensity you hoped for and the grey dyes up in beautiful heather tones that will knock your socks off. The cone yarns still have a small amount of spinning oil on them. They can be warped directly on a loom or fed straight into your knitting machine. The small amount of oil makes the knitting go really smooth. The skeins have been washed. Since washing fluffs the yarn, we suggest you knit a swatch and then wash/dry exactly as you would the item you're making to check the gauge. *** 4 oz. washed skeins are $8.98 ea. *** Cones weigh approx. 1 lb. and are $1.80/oz.

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