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Hello. Thank you for your interest in the Mulefoot Hog. This is a Heritage Breed that has great potential for hobby farmers and local community food programs. We are excited to offer this rare breed for meat or breeding stock. The meat from a Mulefoot is marbled and tasty. The breeding stock is hardy because they thrive in hot and cold climates.

Spring of Hope Farm is the culmination of two lifelong dreams. My husband and I live on a 22 acre hobby farm in Bruner, MO. We use a simple life plan that we taught our children-Think globally Act Locally. I know it is a borrowed cliche from the 1970's and we are the product of that era; none the less, the cliche is true.

The Mulefoot is a slow growing hog that averages 4-7 offspring per breeding cycle. Mass production is not an option here. What is viable is the raising of small herds on pasture, increasing immune systems and producing healthier meat. Our only additive is love.

Many awards have been given to the mulefoot in blind taste tests around the country, but you should not take "their" word for it. Try some for yourself. Spring of Hope Farm would love to be your supplier for home-grown, pastured Mulefoot hogs.


Listing last updated on Dec 23, 2013

Spring of Hope Farm raises Mulefoot Hogs for meat or registered breeding stock. We are members of the American Mulefoot Hog Association and Registry. Visit our website or you can find us on facebook to learn more about this endangered heritage breed and what you can do to save them.

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