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Thanks for your interest in our operation. We are a very young couple working along with our parents to produce some of the worlds best food products. We believe very strongly in our production systems and enjoy sharing them with our customers. For us there is really nothing like spending the day knowing you've done all you can to produce great, healthy food for someone who will enjoy it. Please feel free to contact us any time we love to talk about or farm and our chosen way of life!

At Spring Valley Farms we strive to produce quality antibiotic, insecticide, and growth hormone free, natural products for our customers. Started in 1989 when the original 58 acres were purchased, the farm has grown to encompass over 300 acres of owned and rented land in the rolling hills of Eastern Ohio. This land is managed with nature using the latest in Conservation & Management-intensive Grazing.

You can enjoy our way of farming by purchasing our quality food products or live animals. Currently we produce Forage Finished Beef, Deep Bedded Pork, Pasture Poultry, Pasture Perfect Eggs, and Natural Garden Produce and now Forage Finished Lamb and Goat. We guarantee you will love the quality our superior products provide.

Please consider making your purchases from us, when you call or come to the farm you will speak to the farmer that raised the product from conception to consumption and can show you how our production system is different from the way other common agricultural products our produced. Imagine the value of knowing that your purchase comes from a family that is committed to producing healthy, safe, and enjoyable products. Feel free to call with questions or stop by for a tour!


Listing last updated on Dec 10, 2010

Wow its been a long time since I updated this box. I'm now going to try updating it bi weekly. The reason for that is I send out a biweekly order form for our products. Our customers then email me their orders and we deliever them to a predetermined drop off point in Wintersville, Ohio. If you would like to start recieving our biweekly order email or would like us to set up a drop off point in your area please let us know. Thanks to all our loyal customers who have made this a sucess!!

Schedule and Location:

We sell at the Jefferson County Farmers' Own Market on the campus of EGCC in Steubenville, Ohio June-Oct. Wednsdays 5-8 p.m. and have a biweekly order drop off point in Wintersville, Ohio all year on Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m.

Largers quantities of sausage, ground pork, and ground beef are avaliable to wholesale markets.

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Thanks so much Spring Valley Stock Farm for your quality products. So far I have purchased eggs, pork and beef! All very tasty and high quality.

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