Springhaven Farm

We raise grass-fed and finished Devon beef along with critically endangered Milking Devon cows. All of our cows are purebred and registered. Beef sales are direct to the consumer from on-farm. Occasionally we sell seed stock to other producers.

Superior nutrition is key to our cows health and great taste! No grain is ever fed - only pasture and hay. They never receive antibiotics, steroids, growth hormones, or other chemical substances. We practice homeopathy and use free choice mineral system to ensure our herd's health. All are treated quietly and humanely; our abattoir is Certified Humane and USDA inspected.

Permaculture underpins our farming approach, taking sustainable agriculture a notch further in leaving the land better than we found it for countless future generations. No insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, biosolids, or poultry litter is ever used on our fields. We use a natural, complementary system of animals, plants, and chickens to create a sustainable system.

Beef is available summer through winter but we sell out quickly. Please call to either make an appointment to see us or to let us know you want to be put on the waiting list.

Chickens are truly pastured and are out all day roaming the fields. They receive certified organic feed but nothing else. They forage very well and are healthy.

Blackberries and other produce are all organically grown. We use our own composted manure (horse and chicken mainly along with garden and kitchen waste) on the beds. We do have composted manure for sale at different times of the year by the tractor bucket load. Produce and manure are seasonal products - please call for availability.


Listing last updated on Oct 15, 2013

All natural grass-fed and -finished Devon beef; Devon and Milking Devon beef and breeding stock; Organic, pastured eggs from heritage breeds; Organically grown blackberries and other vegetables in season; Organic and natural practices;

Schedule and Location:

Sell on site and directly to customers - delivery to Northern Virginia and metro area. Please call for schedule as we are a small operation and beef availability varies.

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We've eaten grass fed beef from a variety of sources but have never experienced any as wonderful as that we received from Springhaven Farm. It is simply that good.

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