SpringRain Farm and Orchard

We raise a wide range of fruit at SpringRain Farm & Orchard. In addition to many small fruits, we specialize in heirloom and disease-resistant apple and pear varieties. John grafts his own rootstock in the winter and has over 1000 one-year old trees in our nursery.

Our orchard at the main farm is planted to 500 apple trees, which include several types of fine table apples such as Liberty, Wolf River, Winter Banana, Melrose, and Spartan. We also have a number of cider apples, which include Arkanas Black, Dabbinette, and Thompkins King. We have 250+ pear trees planted in our main orchard, with both Asian pears such as Chojuro, Atago, and Mishirasu and European pears such as Gourmet, Rescue, Orcas, Taylor's Gold, and Comice.

We follow organic practices and expect the orchards to begin producing in 2011 and will begin selling cider, perry, and U-pick fruit at that time.

In addition to our orchards, we grow many types of bramble fruits such as blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, loganberries, jostaberries, and tayberries. We will have strawberries for sale in the spring and U-pick raspberries for sale in early summer and fall.

We also grow perennial bush fruits such as blueberries, Saskatoons (aka Service berries), currants, gooseberries, lingonberries (aka Partridge berries), and honeysuckle.

Our nut varieties include Turkish Filberts and English Walnuts. Local production for local needs. Sustainable means to a sustainable end.


Listing last updated on Jan 19, 2010

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