Find Sprouts

It seems incredible that certain beans, grains and vegetables are at their peak, nutritionally speaking, during their spindly sprouting stage. But yes, research shows that sprouts are not only a superb source of nutrients but have healing properties as well.

Ideally sprouts should come from your own kitchen, or next best, from a reliable source close to you. Sprouts you find in large chain stores are usually treated with mold inhibitors to keep them fresh looking.

Alfalfa, buckwheat, mustard, broccoli, garlic, radish, adzuki beans, fenugreek are just a few of the sprouts you can add to salads, stuff into sandwiches or sprinkle on a stir fry at the last minute (sprouts lose all their charm if you heat them).

If you plan to grow your own sprouts make certain the seeds have not been treated with a fungicide.

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