Spud! Local & Organic Delivery

Seattle, Washington

Spud! Local & Organic Delivery

When you get your groceries delivered from spud!, the leading natural food delivery service, you might be surprised to learn how much this simple choice helps to protect the planet. Here are just some of the convenient truths about grocery delivery with spud!:

• Less car travel – When one of our delivery vehicles leaves our warehouse with 80 orders on it, it eliminates up to 160 private car trips. That is equivalent to eliminating an entire grocery store parking lot, not to mention how it helps reduce traffic congestion!

• Fewer food miles – did you know that the average grocery product travels 1500 miles? At spud! we have reduced our average product distance to less than 500 miles by seeking out as many, local suppliers as we could find. No grocery buys from more local suppliers than we do. We are also the only grocery retailer that publishes the distance that every one of our products travels from where it is grown or produced to get to our Seattle warehouse.

• Carbon neutral groceries – In addition to buying locally, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions, buying from local producers completely eliminates our carbon footprint so that when you buy groceries from spud! you know that you are making a significant contribution to reducing the impacts of climate change. We are the only grocery retailers that is completely carbon neutral.

• Less in-store energy use – Grocery stores are among the most energy intensive building types because they display food products in open coolers and freezers under warm lights at room temperature. By comparison, at spud!, we keep all our products in the dark in closed coolers until just before the groceries are packed. We further save energy by being able to serve a very large area from just one warehouse, whereas a typical grocery store chain may need a dozen or more stores to adequately serve the same geographic area.

• Less waste – One of the most significant environmental benefits of our business model is that because we know in advance how much to order, we can dramatically reduce waste from unsold products. In a regular grocery store, up to 20% of the fresh produce and fresh breads are thrown away because no one purchased them before they went bad. We also save waste because we deliver in reusable delivery bins, thereby eliminating thousands of grocery bags each week!


Listing last updated on Oct 24, 2008

With spud! you can place your order online in minutes, and organic produce and groceries are delivered right to your door. We source our produce and groceries as local as possible to support organic family farms and producers. Shopping with spud! saves you time, gas, frustration, and also lowers your carbon footprint. To find out more about spud! please visit our website spud.com

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