I have several varieties of apples. I am selling all of my apples for juice to Martinelli. I get a very low price, about 12 cents a pound, and I would like to find another market. My yield last year was close to 100 tons of apples. I produce mostly Pipins, Delicious, and Granny Smith. For juice the Pipins are the most valuable.

I don't have any prior experience farming and my trees have been the victims of my maintenance. I want to change this and welcome any input about the care of my trees. The real reason I joined this forum is to see if someone might suggest a profitable way to improve my farm operation.

The dominant crops in this area are berry's, apples, and strawberry's. A local organic farm seems to be quite successful growing a variety of vegetables. Any thoughts about my farm, let me know.

Sincerely Jay


Listing last updated on May 26, 2010

Small 27 acre farm currently producing juice apples. I would like to pursue direct market but I have 50 tons of apples to deal with. I have considered hard cider, applesauce, my brand of apple juice, and other crops. Any ideas about new crops or marketing would be appreciated. This is a family operation with 3 of my children and seven of my grandchildren living on the farm. We need more income to keep the operation going. Your suggestions will be appreciated.

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