Star Creek Ranch

Star Creek Ranch offers grassfed lamb and goat. We have the animals to help manage and improve the health and biodiversity of our land and it is working. Every year the land is healthier and our animals are more productive. We use no routine antibiotics, hormones or other medications and do not dock tails. Our animals are able to range and forage in diverse ecosystems which adds to their health and to their flavor. We do not feed our animals, they feed themselves in a sustainable dance with the natural environment. Our meat gets rave reviews. We are located just outside of Watsonville near Aromas.

Listing last updated on May 30, 2008

We sell by the whole or by the half. Please call ahead to arrange a time for pick up.

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Our freezer is stuffed with Star Creek goat and lamb. I was surprised at how much I liked goat. It is the meat most eaten in all of the world, but not too popular yet in America.... [more]

The lamb from Star Creek Ranch is ethically raised, delicious, clean food. We are meat eaters with a conscience and we feel great about the lives that the lambs and goats have under Linda's care.... [more]

Simmered with fresh vegetables, Linda's lamb is simply THE best I've tasted among several of the world's cuisines. Literally melts in your mouth. No wonder--along with an all-natural diet, Linda's loving care and tending of all her animals (as nurse-acupuncturist and gifted healer) surely shows in their happy tissues.... [more]

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