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We adhere to sustainable organic practices, and non-GMO. Offering fresh brown eggs collected and refrigerated at least daily from heritage breeds of hens (mostly Rhode Island Reds) that forage from our pastures every day. We adhere to sustainable principles in the management of our pastures and chickens. Our hens are out and about free will during the daytime, and are only cooped at night for their safety. Besides free access to nature, the hens' diets are supplemented with Non-GMO natural grains (oats, barley, flax) and mineral balanced vegetarian organic layer feed mix. They have free choice access to oyster shells to maintain shell integrity. Hens tend to be seasonal layers and despite the heat lamps, we always have more eggs in the warmer months than during the cold of winter. Feel free to call anytime to check on availability. Conveniently located 1/2 mile south of Rt 33 in North Howell, NJ.--------Also - Boer Meat Goats!!

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FRESH BROWN EGGS FROM HAPPY, TRULY FREE-RANGING, PASTURE FED HENS. The deep orange-yellow yolks reflect the quality of the diet of these hens. Compared to conventional factory farmed eggs, farm fresh eggs like these tend to be richer in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, lower in cholesterol and saturated fat, and have more Vitamins A, E, and Beta-Carotene. Taste the difference for yourself!! In summer/fall we sell some homegrown fruits and vegetables. BOER MEAT GOATS ALSO!!!

Schedule and Location:

Limited quantities of organically grown fruits and vegetables - many are heirloom varieties.

Schedule and Location:

Year-round - at farm - call ahead to pickup. Call between 9am-7pm, 7 days a week.

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I picked up a dozen eggs as part of a project on local vs. conventional eggs. The Star Cross eggs have noticeably darker yolks, and are much more flavorful.... [more]

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