Harry's Harvest Ball

Harry Brown's Farm - Starks, Maine

Our signature celebration of Maine's Seasonal Bounty! Harry Brown's Farm is known through out New England as a counter-culture gathering site. Since 1991, thousands of city folk have come to our farm for an unique Maine organic hippie farm experience. The farm is opened for Camping, Music, Good Kind Hippie Food, Art and Radical Politics in June, August and October. From helping Harry hay the fields to eating our organic farm food at the Flower Power Cafe; from Sunflower Garden Tours and waking up to the crowing of a rooster--Harry Brown's Farm has shared the life of free people in free country with those ready to make the journey.

Start Date: Oct 2, 2009
End Date:Oct 4, 2009
Organized by:Harry Brown's Farm
Address: 45 Abijah Hill Road
Starks, ME 04911
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