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Please contact us for information about the 2011 season,

A quick declaration on farm practices. Organic may have been the word best fit to describe our farm were it not so out of reach and nuanced by the hands of industry. We strive for a rhythm in step with Biodynamic philosophy but, as of this moment, do not practice the preparations involved, nor do we produce our own poultry feed. Low input, chemical free our only inputs are certified organic feed from In-Season Farm, Thorvin Icelandic kelp, rock mineral fertilizers, straw and wood chips for bedding and compost. This is our general fertilization strategy on our small farm as well as any future lease land. A goal for the future would be to eliminate the need to purchase grain for the feeding of poultry and hogs by becoming self-sufficient, small scale grain/straw producer; a ground yet unbroken. Haying is a certain reality we hope to meet in the future.

We feel strongly that a healthy land will yield a healthy people. A grass based production of meat and the resultant high levels of organic matter and manure production, utilized by grass, grain, and vegetable; yield a self-sustaining and cyclical agriculture that excuses itself mightily from the petroleum dependence of the conventional. We also feel that biodiversity plays a strong yet mysterious role on our farm therefore we've shucked the usual wisdom and left a good portion of our land unimproved for wild life habitat. Agriculture when practiced with care is true stewardship of the land. Please contact us for info on how to get what we offer.


Listing last updated on Sep 30, 2010

The 2010 season has come to a close. But don't be discouraged, 2011 lies ahead.

If you are looking for pork, chicken, turkey or lamb let us know how we can help.

Our prices average $3.50-$4.50lb across the board.

If your out of the Olympia area but are still interested let us know, we may be able to pair you up with others in your area or recommend ideas that could help.

Call or email, all questions answered

Season:  March through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2006

Full Share:  variable

Work Req?  No

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