Stinging Nettle (Medicinal), Dried/Nettle Tea

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Stinging Nettle (Medicinal), Dried/Nettle Tea

Nutritious Herb, with many medicinal uses. Makes a great herbal tea. 1/4 oz pkg makes about 12 -15 cups of tea.

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Stinging nettle leaves are tasty and high in nutrients. The young, raw leaves are edible, and the dried leaves and flowers may be be used to make a tea.

Nettle Tea: Put about 2 teaspoons of loose leaf nettle or 1 teaspoon crushed nettle into a cup. Add 1 tablespoon sassafras or a cinnamon stick. Pour boiling water over the mixture and let it steep for a few minutes. Strain, then add stevia or honey and enjoy!

Our Stinging Nettles are grown naturally, without chemical pesticides or herbicides.

Our Dried Stinging Nettles are packaged as a 1/4 oz portion in a resealable plastic bag. A 1/4 oz pkg will make 12-15 cups of tea - more if you are frugal and use your teaball twice!

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